Highlights Magazine

I have been a huge fan of their magazines since I was a kid! I started to actually look forward to going to the doctor because I knew they would have highlights magazine there. I love Goofus and Gallant, hidden pictures, the stories, and the puzzles! It was such a fun magazine! Benji started reading Highlights Hello (for 2 and under) when he was about a year old, and loved looking at pictures of the babies on the back.

Now, Alex subscribes to it, and he loves the pictures, rhymes, and puzzles. Plus, it is a pretty much unbreakable magazine, which is great for destructive babies. Benji gets High Five, which is for kids 3-5. They have stories, crafts, puzzles, and recipes, just like in regular Highlights, but it is geared toward younger kids. Plus, there is always a story that helps kids learn Spanish!

I recently found a promotion for a free book and tote, so I signed Benji up for regular Highlights too, as it is such a fun magazine! Not only that, but Highlights now has book clubs and all sorts of other puzzle books! It is super fun! Get a FREE book and tote when you join their Hidden Puzzle Club, or Hidden Pictures Club! We just got ours last week!

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