Little Passports

Little Passports

These are amazing, fun, and educational subscriptions boxes for kids to help them have fun and learn about the world. They have four different boxes, three of which teach you about the world, and an awesome science expeditions box, which helps kids learn about the body, forensic science, aerodynamics and more, all in the most fun way possible. We have used the Early Explorers box, which is for ages 3-5.

Little Passports

In the kits, you get an adorable suitcase, a map of the world, stickers, activities, toys, booklets, a passport, letters, photos, and trading cards. This kit helps kiddos to learn about different topics such as natural wonders, dinosaurs, and space, whereas the kits for older children teach you each month about a different country or state. We are super obsessed with subscription boxes, and this one is super fun!

Little Passports

Little Passports Subscription Boxes:
Science Expeditions
World Edition
Early Explorers

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