Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids – Noise Reducers

You all have heard me talk time and again about these magical headphones that we use for Benji. We got them on Amazon, and they were only about 10 bucks! They are right-sized for his head, and don’t squish him too much. He is 3 ½ and this should fit kids from about 2-6 probably. I’m not sure about older children. Benji has told me they are comfortable. Although they block out a lot of excess noise, he can hear me clearly any time I talk to him, without me having to raise my voice or shout. They have gotten us through the awful trip to the beach, amusements parks, train rides, fire truck rides, and more.

They also fold up, so they are really easy to transport. Or if you want to be life-hacky about it, you can stick it on your wrist as a large bracelet and carry it around for the times when your child doesn’t need it. The coolest part was that these headphones have been in the ocean several times and in the pool many many times and are still in PERFECT condition! The water just slid right off of them! They dried quickly, and Benji could still have fun in the water. Right now, we have three pairs of them: one for school, one for my car, and one for Lewis’s car. I can’t speak highly enough about them. Check them out at Amazon!

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