Space Is Awesome

I just wanted to share with everyone that space is so cool. You got neutron stars, black holes, supernovae, nebulae, cosmic rays, whole areas filled the the flavor and scent of raspberries and rum, it never ends!

Perhaps a galaxy filled with Reese’s Pieces?

I’ll try to post cool sciencey things when I spot them. Like this nerdy video about some findings from Voyager 2 as it crossed into interstellar space last year.

The universe is even more metal than I could imagine. There’s basically a protective barrier around the solar system made FIRE! Perhaps someday the Gwar of our descendants will play a concert here, dressed in the most elaborate, over-the-top monster-demon costumes ever.

I’d write more about cool things like how we’re made of stardust and such, but I’m having sciatica and prefer to go lie down. Hope someone enjoys this. Peace.

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