One Step At A Time

So yeah, life is still tough. But it seems we’re able to shove along at the moment. Alex is doing so much better. He’s even started running! Granted, he uses this newly bestowed ability to dash off like an excited puppy so I have to give chase. It’s so hard not to draw attention to things you don’t want the damn kids to do. Like, Benji starts screaming. If you say stop please, he wants to do it some more! If you say nothing, he carries on. You can’t win.

Benji managed to actually disrobe himself on his own. Well, over 90% on his own. To most parents this probably isn’t a big deal. But with children on the spectrum who have trouble regulating their emotions, any bit of frustration can cause a meltodown the likes of which closely resemble the Chernobyl disaster (you get my hyperbole…. right? Too soon?)

Benji also ate all of his macaroni and cheese. And half of a small piece of cantaloupe… For those that don’t know much about autism parenting and food, here’s a good meme:

We just need to get some calories in them any way we can. Heaven forbid if we run out of Quaker Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal!! And DON’T try to trick them by putting gummies or some shit in their food and say its the same to them. I’VE TRIED IT! I had to bounce between several stores in the area in order to get that oatmeal recently. And when I found it…

Much of a shelf in our refrigerator is FILLED with Chobani Key Lime Yogurt, the ONLY KIND HE’LL EAT! Okay… I’m getting carried away with this. Basically, we’re doing our bloody best. I love that kid some fucking much.


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